Soothing Springs

The definitions by the German Spa Association form the basis for the high quality and comparability of services in the spas. Saxony-Anhalt’s spas stand testament to a long tradition and high quality with Germany’s oldest saltwater spa, the location of the first German Bädertag and a triple rated spa town.

Approving a Spa

The approval process for spas is subject to strict regulations. To be awarded this valuable rating, towns must fulfil the requirements as set forth in the Regulation on the Recognition of Spas and Resorts in Saxony-Anhalt. The most important requirements are existing natural remedies: brine, moor mud, hot springs. A spa's health character must be guaranteed by spa gardens and a facility providing therapeutic treatments. To provide spa visitors with a complete service, the spa hostels and treatment facilities must be in noise-free areas and provide opportunities for varied leisure activities. This may include lectures and events on topics such as stress resilience and diet as well as active recreational pastimes such as natural pools, paddling and forest walks. A network of rambling trails around the spa town must be designated as a terrain cure trail and for cyclists.

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