Resort Towns

Relaxing in Style

Resorts are set in favourable climatic conditions and landscapes, mainly serve the purpose of relaxation and recovery, and possess a typical character. The fact that our ancestors already identified the resorts in Saxony-Anhalt as preferred locations for sojourns is evidenced by the fact that many places are situated along the Romanesque Road.

Approving a Resort Town

The demands on resort towns are somewhat lower compared to spas and climatic health resorts. They tend to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes in the mountains, crystal clear water and extensive forests. Resort towns are particularly good for relaxation. They offer visitors daily opportunities for regeneration as well as the application of natural remedies. The entire infrastructure is geared towards health: oases of calm away from noisy traffic, restaurants offering choice food, walks and mental impulses by way of cultural offerings all lead guests back to the heart of it – themselves. Fully relaxed and balanced visitors are the declared objective of a sojourn at a resort town. Once they have succeeded in being approved, the towns can levy the spa tax, thus safeguarding the preservation of tourism facilities in the long term.

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